The Introvert Founder: Sales and How Early VC Talks Uncover Blind Spots

Morning beehiivcommunity! This newsletter leverages our experience and other experts’ insights. Being an introverted founder can be both helpful and detrimental, and the role of sales is the epitome of that dichotomy.


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The Introvert Founder and Sales

"Sales is so much more than a loud car salesman aggressively pushing you. Truth is, people love to buy, but not to be sold." – Matthew Pollard

Being a founder comes with many challenges. Introverts tend to be inwardly focused and recharge when alone, but entrepreneurship often requires a level of outwardness. This is the first post in a series covering being an introvert across selling, networking, leading, facing anxiety, and finding happiness.

We start with sales because being an introvert can be both helpful and detrimental in that role. While salespeople are often depicted as gregarious, exuberant, story-telling extroverts, many successful salespeople are introverts after learning the right methodology and skills.

This week’s post explains following a process, incorporating your genuine personality, and focusing on improvement.

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Early VC Talks Uncover Blind Spots

If you plan to raise venture funding, don't wait until you feel "ready" to engage with investors. By relying on overly optimistic advice from advisors, I initially missed gaps in my go-to-market strategy.

Early VC conversations will expose such gaps, allowing you to address them sooner and secure funding faster. Don’t worry about connecting too early. VCs love potential. If they believe in you and your vision, they will stay engaged.

Soraya Depowski founded Sharely, an impact fintech platform that empowers everyday investors to make a measurable impact on global issues.

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