Humanity & AI: The Value of Failure and Amplify Your Craft

Morning beehiivcommunity! This newsletter leverages our experience and expert insights. As AI becomes ubiquitous, what role will humans play? New technology always comes with tradeoffs. Today starts a four-part series covering humanity's enduring value so more startups can utilize AI thoughtfully.


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Humanity & AI: The Value of Failure

"The bond of our common humanity is stronger than the divisiveness of our fears and prejudices." – Jimmy Carter

Often, our struggles with failure and subsequent perseverance become most meaningful when we allow ourselves to abandon the trap of perfectionism. In sports, art, and business, you strive to find the right approach after countless attempts that don't work the way you want. Success comes from constantly trying to improve. Failure is not an end, simply a road bump that makes us slow down while heading in the right direction.

Failure fosters innovation, builds character, develops empathy, and can be found on the path to resilience and success.

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Harness AI to Amplify Your Craft

AI has percolated into our everyday lives. The best way to react is by owning your space and leaving a mark. While almost every business claims to be an AI company after placing a wrapper around an open-source LLM, the risk of extinction for startups lies not only in failing to adopt this technology but also in failing to differentiate. The winners will utilize AI to hone their craft. If they define a unique value and then use AI to augment growth, it will amplify and empower leaders.

Paul Thorogood founded Kaleidoscope, the human-centered AI platform for artists.

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