Humanity & AI: The Value of Connection and Cybersecurity Leadership

Morning beehiivcommunity! This newsletter leverages our experience and other experts’ insights. New technology always comes with tradeoffs. Today, we look at the benefits of creativity as AI becomes ubiquitous. 


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My thoughts about AI and Creativity:

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Humanity & AI: The Value of Creativity

"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

—Will Rogers

What will be humans' role as AI becomes ubiquitous? AI has extraordinary value. However, technology always brings tradeoffs.

Creativity helps us thrive and offers us numerous benefits. However, AI might lead to a decrease in human innovation if people choose to forego their individual creativity. Instead of replacing creativity, AI can be used as a tool to enhance it. 

This week’s post will cover the benefits of creativity as it relates to founder resilience, team engagement, and customer retention, and offer ways AI can help in creative roles.

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Secure Growth Early With Cybersecurity Leadership Practices

Cybersecurity threats, as we often see these days, can jeopardize everything you've built. However, you can use three leadership practices to manage threats effectively as you grow. Risk Awareness starts with regularly spending time with trusted advisors to understand threats, vulnerabilities, and potential losses. Aligning Cybersecurity is continually balancing the tradeoffs between security, information flow, and resources, guided by your market and strategic objectives. Right-Sized Investment means implementing the necessary controls at the right time to protect and boost your growth. As your venture scales, form the foundation of strong cybersecurity governance.

Brett Wilson is the Managing Partner at IOmergent. You can find additional guidance for best practices and view an interactive model here

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