How to Filter for the Best Advice and TechDay Tomorrow

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Where do you turn for the best advice?

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How to Filter for the Best Advice

“If you never push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will never improve.”

– Anders Ericsson

Our President and Founder recently appeared on The KeyHire Podcast with host Corey Harlock to discuss the flood of information we receive and the need to filter the most useful insights.

Benjamin starts with the idea of the “Feedback Paradox”—the best advice can come from anyone, so you must remain open to feedback from diverse sources, even though that may mean a huge influx of ideas. He then discusses key mistakes people make around processing information, such as not focusing on their core values, soliciting too much feedback, and analysis paralysis.

Finally, Corey and Benjamin get very practical and talk about the best steps to solicit feedback and create a challenge network to add perspective before making decisions.

See you tomorrow?

The TechDay Expo is the biggest startup event in NYC and happens tomorrow! 

Collaborate with thousands of investors, tech talent, and potential partners. Want to participate? General admission is free!

At the event, Build Scale Grow will host a session to discuss the convergence of humanity, technology, and the role of startups. Signed copies of Scale: Reach Your Peak will be available. 

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